Fall Fashion: 1 bag, styled 5 ways

It’s here! In the midwest, we are enjoying the crisp air, falling leaves, hayrides and what we affectionately call…Sweater Weather….swoon!!!  It’s time to focus on fall fashion. We put away our flip flops, opting instead for our favorite tall boots. We trade in our shorts for some cute cuffed jeans and booties. We let our feet drag through the fallen leaves as we breathe in the aromatic smell of the fall air. It’s a short season, but it’s heavenly!

I was talking to my good friend Amy recently, and we thought about how fun it would be to team up and put together some fall looks using our products. Her shop Chic Threads by Amy, specializes in scarves and camera straps. Not JUST camera straps, but straps that are almost like a scarf themselves! When I use my DSLR with my strap from Amy, it feels like another chic accessory. You’ve got to check them out for yourself. If you have any photographers on your list…keep Chic Threads in mind…hint,hint!

Amy went out on a shopping spree and found some of the best looks of the season. She used our products, as well as some of our online faves and put together the looks below to give you great ideas on how to pull together your wardrobe and look chic this fall!

Today, I’m featuring all of our looks that include my favorite little clutch, my brown ruffled clutch. Made out of super soft, genuine leather, this little bag goes seamlessly from casual to dressy without skipping a beat. Also available with a detachable cross body strap, you can use this bag hands free, or as an elegant clutch. You’l find it to be your favorite year-round bag, since the rich brown leather works in any season.

1 Bag, 5 ways: Fall Fashion at its best!

Fall looks 2016
Scarf by Chic Threads by Amy Wristlet by Gathered & Sown Booties by Toms
brown wristlet for fall
Scarf by Chic Threads by AmyClutch by Gathered & Sown
Brown Leather Wristlet with ruffles
Earrings by Nickel and SuedeScarf by Chic Threads by AmyBag by Gathered & Sown
Fall outfit trend 2016
Earrings by Nickel and SuedeWristlet by Gathered & SownScarf by Chic Threads by AmyJeans by LC by Lauren ConradCoffee by Starbucks Boots by London Fog
soft fall look 2016
Earrings by Nickel and SuedeScarf by Chic Threads by AmyBag by Gathered and SownBoots by Hunter

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65 Responses

    1. And to you <3 Good luck in the giveaway, I think it's time for you to get one of my bags to carry around! It will make it easier for me to spot you at Walmart or Target 😉

    1. Squeeeeee! I know you’ll love what you see. I have one of her camera straps and get compliments on it all the time <3 Let me know if you get one, I'd love to hear which one you picked!

  1. Oh boy! I liked all the looks! The first one I really liked the best.
    We have family bonfires in the fall. We sit out and watch the sunset and watch the stars come out. My girls also like to pick out the big mum that we buy. We try a different color each year!

  2. Love the looks and especially that bag!!! My daughter who is always on trend got some Hunter boots and brought them to England when she came to visit us last spring (we were in Oxford for a few months). Cute!!

  3. I love how the plaid scarves give that burst of fall, just like the changing leaves on trees give that firey burst of color! Love love love these!

  4. We love picking out pumpkins as a family come fall and these outfits all look so perfectly pumpkin patch wonderful! Love them!

  5. I adore these fall looks! And, oh my! I LOVE that precious leather bag! So fashionable. So cute. AND OH SO FUN! 🙂

    1. Lydia, thank you!!! I’m pretty sure I need one…can you believe I didn’t make one for myself yet? I’m so in love with this bag, and am having fun making them for everyone else 😉

  6. Absolutely love these fall looks! That gorgeous brown clutch really pulls every look together. Fabulous work, ladies!! 🙂

  7. Absolutely adore all your looks as well as the neutral colors. My favorite season is now! All looks amazing! ?

  8. I LOVE the coffee by Starbucks! Haha! You know how I feel about ruffles, and those plaid scarves? Adorable! I love them all!

  9. I think I commented already, but since I got the email again and I cannot remember, I thought I’d type something!!! hahaha I think I’m losing my mind 🙂 Oh to be young again and have it all together!! lol
    Anyway, girl, your stuff is SO gorgeous!! I’m in love with the ruffles!!! <3 <3 <3

  10. Oh I love it!!!! I think the different ideas on how to pair with the handbag help to give a vision of how this bag would work with ones own wardrobe.!

  11. I love them all! Fall is my favorite season. I love going to the pumpkin patch and seeing the leaves change colors. These outfits embody all my favorite things about this time of year!

  12. I loooove scarves, but I can’t figure out how to wear them without looking swallowed and suffocated. Maybe it’s because I’m sitting all of the time in my wheelchair so my legs are barely noticed? Or my chest is too big/saggy making me look top-heavy? Whatever the reason, I have bought several and cannot get them to look cute, especially the blanket scarves. Oh, well, I’ll just admire them on others. I DO still love a good plaid flannel shirt. = )

    1. Chaia, I totally get that! There are two things that I can’t wear well, they are scarves and cardigans! It’s such a bummer. I’m a little top heavy myself 🙂 I’ve found that different body types have to be dressed different ways. It’s tough being a lady!! Find what works well for yourself and own it <3 Your own personal style looks great on you, I'm sure!

  13. What a beautiful bag!!!!! I love the warm brown for the fall! It’s the perfect size and goes so well with denim! I also love the added texture of the ruffles! Thank you so much for sharing!? My favorite look was definitely the bag paired with the denim jeans, boots, cream sweater, red infinity scarf and brown tear drop earrings!!

    1. Thank you so much, Dawn!!!! I bet you have some great places to take pictures out at your new house <3 I will have to come check it out! The girls miss Carlee so much!

  14. I love how the brown bag goes with literally EVERYTHING!!!! I’m especially loving all of the denim in your outfit posts. thanks of sharing These fashion ideas. I definitely need some fashion tips for the fall, especially being in Lubbock, TX where it actually gets chilly in Texas 🙂

  15. The ruffled bag is awesome. It coordinates so well with the looks you’ve created. (Love the scarf, too).

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