You've taken the first step, and I couldn't be more excited for you!

I’m Angie, and you and I will be working together a lot so I think it’s time we got properly introduced!

I’ve been leading womens Bible study groups for almost 15 years. Man does that make me feel old!

I never set out intending to be a Bible study leader. Instead, God nudged me to step up when no one else was willing to do it. I had a group of ladies who were anxious to study Gods Word. But none of us felt equipped to guide the others through meaningful discussion.

Can you relate? 

We all have different reasons for starting a small Bible study group, but one thing is true in all of our unique circumstances. 

God is at work, and He is choosing to use YOU to work through!

I know that at times this task will feel daunting, and you may doubt your abilities to lead women in God’s Word. But let me reassure you. You can do this!
I’ll provide tools for you, worksheets to guide discussions and videos to help the lessons to sink in. I just need you to show up for the women you are serving, be willing to guide the discussion and let God’s Word speak for itself.

I’m nothing special. I write these studies and I make videos. God has put something inside of me that makes these things fun for me. 

I believe that since you are here reading this post that God has put something inside of you that makes you want to help Him by guiding other women into His Word. 

And what an honor and privilege that is!

Friend, you are not in this alone. By taking the steps, purchasing this study and putting yourself out there to build this group, I want to encourage you. I want to give you the confidence that you need to grow along with the ladies in your group. 

I’ve started a private facebook group that is ONLY for Bible study leaders. In this group, I want to encourage you to ask questions, raise concerns and share things that are happening through your Bible study group. Afterall, we are all doing the very same thing you are! So why not do it together with others who understand what you are going through.

Getting started.....What you'll need

Watch this video first 

Your checklist

I  created a checklist to help you in the planning process. I hope this will help you think through the details you’ll need to iron out to get started. 

When you print your checklist, think about the following as you fill it out:

  • Where will we meet? Jot down possible locations                                                                                                            
  • When will we meet? Brainstorm some times/dates that will work for most people. Once you have a core group, you can finalize date, time and location based on the group.
  • Who will you invite? Make a list of women who you think may be interested in your study. And if you aren’t sure, ask anyways! It can’t hurt, and you may be just the invitation someone is waiting for 🙂 
  • Things to pray for: While you get ready for your study, talk to God about it. Write down some concerns you have and give them to Him.
  • What to bring: What will you need to have for study each week? A bible, your study notes? A journal? Pens for your group? Think through what you’d like to have on hand so you are always prepared.
  • Details: Will you offer childcare? If so, who? And where? And how will they get paid? Will you offer food or coffee? These questions and more go under your details so that you can iron those out.


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