Where is your worth?What do you think your value is? Whoever this world has conditioned you to be or has brainwashed to think you are, I want to be a little voice here reminding you that He has called you Beloved. God’s Word is full of beautiful promises, written thousands of years ago by the […]

How to boldly wear black this fall

Black Leather Clutch

I sort of feel like black has gotten a reputation for being a winter color. Summer is all about pastels. Rich, warm tones are all the rage in fall. So how do we change our thinking to include this versatile color in a way that doesn’t feel too “heavy” for the season? How to we […]

Date Night Essentials Giveaway


Do you need a date night? Are you itching to get dressed up and enjoy a night away? Whether you grab your best friend and hit a movie, or your honey for a romantic dinner, we want to give you all that you’ll need to feel like a million bucks on your night out. We’ve […]

Travelers Notebook for Bible Journaling

So you got your new travelers notebook, filled with some crisp, pretty notebooks? Now what do you want to do with it? You’ve got a desk full of bible journaling tools, but how can you journal on the go? You have a planner to keep track of appointments, meal planning, lists and even your workouts. […]

Travelers Notebooks Coming Soon

Grey Travelers Notebook Covers

I announced last week that The travelers notebook collection goes live on May 25th. If you have no idea what a travelers notebook is, I made a little Facebook Live video giving a quick explanation. There is nothing more nerve wracking than doing these live videos, but I love this way of interacting in real time with […]

Handmade Gift Ideas under $35

Gift ideas under $35

Christmas gift shopping is in full swing, so I thought I’d help you along by suggesting a few of my favorite gift ideas! These are all handmade by small shops, and all are under $35. You get a great gift, support a small business, and won’t go broke in the process. I see it as […]

Glad Tidings Collection 2016

Red Leather Clutch

Simple. Luxurious. And just fancy enough to make you feel ready for the festive buzz in the air! Holiday cheer starts right here <3 The Glad Tidings Collection is made up of little items that will bring big cheer! Fun goodies that are perfect to tuck in a stocking, and leather bags that will make […]

Fall Fashion: 1 bag, styled 5 ways

soft fall look 2016

It’s here! In the midwest, we are enjoying the crisp air, falling leaves, hayrides and what we affectionately call…Sweater Weather….swoon!!!  It’s time to focus on fall fashion. We put away our flip flops, opting instead for our favorite tall boots. We trade in our shorts for some cute cuffed jeans and booties. We let our […]

Daydream Collection by Gathered & Sown

The long, lazy days of summer are vanishing quickly as we look ahead to the faster pace of fall. As the seasons begin to wind down, I often find myself in this state of mind where I don’t want the season to end…but yet, I can’t wait to experience the changes that come with the […]

What makes my bible and planner covers SO special?

  I’m not usually the most tech savvy person….as a matter of fact, my family likes to joke around that I’m plain CURSED when it comes to anything electronic! Running my own business means that a vast majority of my time is spent on either my laptop or phone, trying to find ways to get my […]