What makes my bible and planner covers SO special?


Leather monogrammed bible cover - Custom sized to fit any bibleI’m not usually the most tech savvy person….as a matter of fact, my family likes to joke around that I’m plain CURSED when it comes to anything electronic!

Running my own business means that a vast majority of my time is spent on either my laptop or phone, trying to find ways to get my products in front of the eyes of people like you!

I see the work that other companies do and sometimes wonder…

“How did they do that?!?!”
Last week, I was working on printing shipping labels, and while I waited for my printer, I hopped on Facebook, and saw the COOLEST VIDEO by Erin Condren! I was inspired….

I’ve discovered that many of you have no idea what makes my bible and planner covers so unique!

So I decided to show you 🙂 

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Each of the covers that are handmade by me are custom sized to fit your exact bible or planner. And I guarantee your purchase. They are an investment, and I want you to feel great about it! So I PROMISE that your cover will fit <3


After a little googling, you tubing, tons of pictures and a little common sense, I made this video to show you how it works…. If you like what you see, I’d LOVE to hear about it! 

[vimeo id=”170287384″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

I hope you enjoyed the fruits of my labor 🙂

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Bonus: I want to make things that make you swoon! Is there anything specific you’d love to see added to the planner and bible cover lines? If so, share in the comments below…thanks!!


Many blessings!!



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