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Haggai Small Group Bible Study Kit


This 3 week mini-Bible Study includes:

  • 4 Printable PDF Worksheets with Bible references, application questions and journaling prompts
  • 4 teaching videos
  • Bible Study leaders training course
  • Planning kit

In the study you’ll learn

  • The story of the prophet Haggai and how God used Him to do BIG things!
  • What happens when we ignore what God asks us to do.
  • How we can recognize where God is calling each of us
  • Some really fun analogies about raw meat (Ewwwww! But I promise, there is a good lesson there!!)

What you will need for the study:

  • A pen
  • A Bible
  • A journal



Are you listening to God? I know that I never thought to sit down and read the book of Haggai. But when I finally did, I was so excited by what God shared with me in this little book. In just a few short pages, He shares a story of His prophet, Haggai and how He was able to teach a valuable lesson to the Israelites (and us!)

  1. Do you ever get distracted?
  2. Have you ever felt God leading you to something but you lost interest before you got there?
  3. Have you ever felt like a failure when something you wanted to do didn’t work out?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions…then we need to talk!

This small group Bible study kit includes everything you’ll need to plan, coordinate and launch a Bible study group. (Part of the training is facing your fears about leading…we’ve all been there!)









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