• Esther 4_14 Bible Study

Online Bible Study – For Such a Time as This – based on Esther 4:14


Discover how God wants to use your life in a way that glorifies Him! Even if you’ve messed up, even if you’ve missed His calling on you, He can still use you! Learn how to discern what God is calling you to and how you can obediently follow in this online Bible study for women.



Do you believe that God has a purpose for you, even if you don’t know what that is?

God tells us that He has a plan for each one of us, unique to who He made us to be! In this study, we will dive deep to discover where God is leading you.

This online Bible study was designed to use with the For a Time Such as This study book, and works great either together, or on it’s own.

In the study you’ll learn

  • What does it mean when God “opens and closes doors?”
  • How to follow God’s will
  • How to follow God’s plan for your life even after you’ve messed up
  • How big God’s view is
  • How to know if you are actually following God’s will or your own agenda
  • Recognize when you are making excuses to avoid following God’s will
  • What kind of support you NEED in your life
  • How to wait expectantly on God

This Bible Study includes:

  • Printable 22 page PDF workbook
  • 8 video lessons


What you will need for the study:






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