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Bible Journaling Inspiration

I’ve been in a funk. Have you ever been there? You know, the place where nothing feels right, but yet nothing is really wrong????

That place where I’ll laugh one minute, but then start to cry for no reason. And I’m not talking about PMS…

I’m talking about when I let too much time and space come between me and God.

Life gets busy, my bible gets dusty, and nothing in my life feels settled. I go through these cycles…you’d think I’d learn!

I’ve always been a girl of many words, and writing helps me sort out my thoughts. Writing helps me absorb things I hear. It helps me understand and remember.

When I take that time to sit and actually read God’s word, if I have a pen and paper on my lap, and just start to think on paper, I’m always amazed at what comes out.

Journaling has always been something that brings me comfort and clarity, and I’m realizing lately that I’m simply not doing it enough.

I was inspired at Original Womens conference this past April, when I came home and saw my notebook of quickly written, detailed thoughts and notes. It was messy and beautiful all at them same time. I’m able to now look back and remember all that I learned. The words are such beauty, but the book..not so much 🙂

I started making my version of a leather journal cover. Something pretty that you can carry with you, pull out at a moments notice an write down whatever is on your mind. They are pretty, comfortable to hold and refillable.

Bible JournalingSome days I pull out my journal and sketch out a purse design idea that just popped into my head…

Some days I jot down a bible verse or passage that I’d like to study more in depth.

Some days I write down details of my kids lives. You know…the things you think you’ll never forget, but a few years later you realize that you did. Until you read it ;)[wc_box color=”primary” text_align=”left”]I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…what do you write in your journal?



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