Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Are you brave? Fearless? Strong? Courageous?

I know I don’t always feel that I am, but God tells me in His Word that he is COMMANDING us to be these things. Because He is with us, anywhere we are, in whatever we are doing.

How can we be afraid when our Protector is with us?

How can we be weak when our Strength works on our behalf?

In the first chapter of Joshua, God is telling Joshua what His plans are for His life. Joshua may not have felt strong enough or brave enough for what God was calling him to do, but God Himself reminded Joshua then, that he doesn’t need to fear because He is with him. He reminds Joshua that no matter what, he isn’t in this alone.

God is also with you, every day, everywhere you go. We can be brave because He is strong!

Sometimes God calls us into places that seem bigger or scarier than we feel equipped to handle. But this little section of God’s Word is a comforting reminder that we don’t have to be enough because God is more than enough.

I know that in my time here on Earth, I’ve found myself in many circumstances and seasons that were more than I thought I could handle. If you would have asked me before things happened, I would have told you that never in a million years could I do it. But now, being on the other side, it’s so easy to see God’s hand in everything, ESPECIALLY the really hard stuff.

Recognizing His providence and Grace and knowing by faith that He is more than enough will carry you through things you never felt capable of. It will drive you to step out in faith to do the scary things He might be asking you to do. And walking in His will for your life, you can be assured that He will use you in incredible ways!


That’s why I designed this leather wrap bracelet. I wanted something pretty that you could tie on your wrist to be reminded daily of the strength, courage and companionship you have in Him.

The statement on beautiful piece of jewelry makes this perfect as a gift either for yourself or someone you care about. Wearing it reminds you of the promises God makes on your life, and it will be a blessing to whoever wears it!


When life hands you a curveball (and let’s be honest…it happens all of the time!) remember:  Be strong ♥️ Be brave ♥️Be fearless ♥️ You are never alone


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