Following God when you don’t feel ready

How long do we miss out on something incredible because the timing isn’t right? Or how often do we say no to something because we don’t feel like we’re ready?

****You need to know that the above line was written, then this happened…true story, read on!*****

I sat down to write this post with a head full of ideas, my journal on my desk and excitedly and optimisticly sat down to pour out what I thought was a well thought out devotional. Then…life happened.

My girls started fighting, one of them upset and coming to me for support, the other yelling at me for not understanding her. In a moment, I lost my ideas, my ambition, my focus and my good mood!

I knew I couldn’t sit here and write this post because I was angry, frustrated and my perfect topic was now ruined!

(Insert little sniffles as I feel sorry for myself)

I texted a friend to tell her about my frustration and realized that in this exact moment, God got my attention. Not only was the drama that just happened a perfect example of what I was about to say in this post, but it also perfectly illustrated my main point of not letting perfection getting in the way of God’s plan for you.

I hear you, God. Loud and clear!

Raise your hand if you’ve ever let a bad mood, unforeseen circumstances or even life in general stop you from doing something that a moment before felt important?

(If you were here, you’d see my hand in the air!)

I’m finding that as I become more in tune to what God is calling me to, I’m also becoming keenly aware that when God talks, the enemy doesn’t want me to hear Him.

The father of lies wants us to believe that when we aren’t at our best, God has no use for us.
  • How can I go to church with all of those “perfect people” when my life is such a mess?
  • How can I pray when I barely have time to think?
  • How can I read God’s Word when I don’t understand it?
  • How can I write a post about being a Christian when I’m so mad at my kids? (Had to throw my own example in there!)

Do you see yourself in any of those questions? Because the truth is, if we wait for all of the stars to align before we follow God, we will never do it.

  • If we wait until a weekend that isn’t so busy to attend a worship service, we’ll never do it.
  • If we buy ourselves a journal and a Bible with the intentions to start reading it when we find the perfect time of day, we’ll never do it.
  • If we loosely commit to serving a need saying “not now, but please ask me next time you need help” it’s never going to happen.
  • If you feel God calling you to something but you feel like it’s too big at the moment, you will NEVER feel equipped to do it.
God doesn’t ask us to be perfect when He calls us. He just asks us to listen and follow in faith. And in our culture where we are taught that “I” is more important that “He”. Our personal comfort becomes an idol that pulls us away from following God. 
I love how Billy Graham explains it here.

Mr. Graham said: “You see, Jesus doesn’t simply call us to believe that He existed, or even to believe that He can save us. He calls on us to commit our whole lives to Him—to trust Him alone for our salvation, and then to follow Him as His disciples. He said, “Anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:27).

Is Christ the master of your life?

Have you put to death your own plans and committed yourself to His will for your life?

 Don’t be satisfied with anything less, for there is no greater joy in life than following Christ every day.

 -Billy Graham

We need to stop trying to be perfect before we let God in. Apart from Him, we don’t have it in us to do what He is calling us to. But He does and He will give us what we need to get through.

Today I almost let my bad mood and a silly life distraction keep me from writing this post that God laid on my heart. And if I keep putting  off the things God is calling me to until they feel right, I will  never get them done. 

Imagine the opportunities that will be wasted if God can’t count on us to do what He gifted and equipped us to do?!?! Proverbs 3:5 tells us to: 

 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”

Because our own understanding is in our circumstances and the things we can see. But God’s understanding is far beyond our circumstances. So we can trust Him even when we don’t feel like our circumstances are “perfect enough” to move for Him.

Bible Journaling Prompts

Apply what you’ve learned

***If you are new to Gathered & Sown and Bible journaling, watch this short video first***
♡ What is Jesus saying when He tells us to “take up our cross and follow Him” (Luke 14:27) 
♡ Spend a few minutes in prayer, asking God where you may be putting your own comfort ahead of what He is calling you to. Write in your journal anything that comes to mind as you pray and in the few minutes after.
Take a look at your list. What excuses have been holding you back?
♡ In your journal, write out ways that you can break through your excuses and start doing the things God is calling you to right now.
♡ You’ll need to plan for some of your things. If you don’t currently attend church and that is on your list, create a plan of where you will attend and what time. Put it on your calendar. If reading His Word is on your list, create a schedule for a time each day that you will stick to, even when it feels difficult. If it is something much bigger, begin brainstorming the first steps of walking out in faith. The point is, make an active plan to follow where He is leading you 🙂

♡ Want to find a simple way to make Bible study a part of your everyday routine? Check here, where I lay out 7 easy steps to personal Bible study. 
♡ Read the following verses and summarize each one in your journal. You may choose to print this list and do one a day, which would put you in the Bible EVERY DAY THIS WEEK ♥️

  1. Psalm 119:133
  2.  John 8:12
  3.  Galatians 5:25
  4.  Mark 8:34
  5.  Psalm 128:1
  6.  Ephesians 2:10
  7.  Hebrews 13:20-21

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2 Responses

  1. Here’s another thing I have thought about for a long time now. The verse that speaks about having the whole world but yet you lose your soul. There are so many people that are pushing the concept of “your best life.” There are people that push the idea that we are in absolute control of our life. That completely negates Him ordering our steps.

    1. Too often I let fear, stress, & anxiety take over. Think I can handle it on my own. Prayer & devotion reminds me to breathe & let God help. We are never alone.

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