When I sit down at my table to write these devotions every week, I never know if anyone will read them. I don’t really ever know if my words will ever go any further than the page you are reading right now. But every once in a while, God likes to tap me on the shoulder and say 

“Hey Angie, it DOES matter!”

This week, I got an email from a lovely woman named Susan. It was the middle of the week, days after I sent my email and posted my devotional on my blog. I wasn’t really even thinking about that post anymore. But the words she shared with me hit my heart with such a comforting message, I just knew that I needed to share them with you today, too. 

When I sit down to write every week, I struggle. I try so hard to think of what to say that I often stare at a blank screen and an open Bible in frustration. It isn’t until I stop trying and ask God to step in that the words flow out.

 I believe that God can and does speak through His people to reach those that need to hear what He has to say. And this week, God spoke to me through Susan. 

I’m so glad that she was brave enough to reach out share it with me! Let’s hear what she had to say and what it means for you ♥️

I loved the picture I had in my mind of MayBelle curling up on Susans lap in comfort. The way she looked down and saw herself resting in her Savior was such a beautiful reminder of His abundant care for us!

The Bible is full of beautiful images of God caring for and providing rest for His people, and that rest is available for you, too. Just looking at one book, look at these beautiful pictures of God-rest in the book of Psalms: ( and these are only a few!)


Susans picture of complete rest and comfort in the lap of someone who loves and cares for you is a great reminder of the relationship we have with our Creator God. Just like that cat, we have a purpose. But also like MayBell, apart from God we are left weary. When we open His Word and humble ourselves before Him in prayer, He invites us into His lap to rest in His supernatural and never-ending comfort. 

Susan shared with us a little nudge that God gave her on her front porch this week. He reminded her how it’s ok to lean into Him. I hope that her little story serves as a vivid reminder of how important it is that you give God a part of your day. I hope it inspires you to seek rest in Him ♥️ 

Mini Bible Study

Open God’s Word, apply what you’ve learned and dig a little deeper

***If you are new to Gathered & Sown and Bible journaling, watch this short video first***

♡ As you spend time in God’s Word this week, focus on the picture of MayBell resting in Susans lap. As you read each passage and journal about it, think about how God’s Word invites you into that kind of comforting rest in Him.
  1. Isaiah 40:31
  2. Zephaniah 3:17
  3. Psalm 40:1
  4. Luke 10:41-42
  5. Matthew 11:28-30
  6. Psalm 4:8
  7. Exodus 33:14
  8. Hebrews 4:9-11
  9. John 16:33
  10. Philippians 4:6-7
♡ Write down the word “Sabbath” in your journal. First write down what you think it means. Take a look at this article and see some verses in the Bible that mention Sabbath. https://www.biblestudytools.com/topical-verses/bible-verses-about-sabbath/ When considering our conversation about rest today, why do you think God gives us a command to observe Sabbath? 

♡Read Mark 2:27. What do you think this means?

 Would you like to learn more about finding rest? Check out this devotional I wrote with some of my friends

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