Admitting when you’re wrong

Can I ask you a personal question?

 When is the last time you had a good old prayer of confession? And I’m not talking about a formal prayer, I’m talking about a soul-bearing, gut-wrenching raw prayer when you realize that you’ve done something terribly wrong.  A prayer that you wouldn’t want anyone else but God to hear?

I really hope I don’t sound like a prude 😅  I’m only asking you because I’m asking it of myself today. Because if we can’t admit in times of prayer where we are going wrong, we likely aren’t even admitting it to ourselves. And if we aren’t admitting our sins even to ourselves, we most certainly have no desire to turn away from those patterns and live a life that reflects Jesus Christ to others.

I’ve learned that if I want people around me to see Jesus and how He has affected me, they have to see evidence in my life that I’m living for Him. And if I’m living in a pattern of denial over my own sin, the people around me will notice my wrong doings long before they see the light of Jesus in me. Does that make sense? 

Confessing our sins to God doesn’t have to be complicated. And it should be a regular part of our prayers.  I’ve got a few steps that you can try this week to uncover patterns of sin in your life so you can begin the process of turning them over to God

1.Start a page in your journal titled “Confession”

2.Pray. Ask God to reveal the patterns of sin in your life that you may not even recognize. 

3.Brainstorm in your journal anything that comes to your mind in regards to sin. 

4.Pray once again while you look at that list and circle areas where you feel you may be falling short.

5.Read Psalm 51. This is a prayer that David prayed when he was in a deep season of regrettable sin. 

6.Pray Davids prayer back to God, admitting your own sins as you read it back. 

7.Write out your confession in your journal. Keep it in a safe place and refer back to it often. Keep tabs on whether or not you are moving away from old patterns towards a new life beyond the sin that is holding you back. (This step is NOT to get God to forgive you. He’s already done that! I want you to know, dear friend, that even though God has forgiven you, I understand how sometimes we have a really hard time forgiving ourselves. Tracking your own personal journey will allow you to see how far you’ve come.

God is ready and waiting to hear from you. You don’t have to do this alone, He is going to walk along beside you. Allow this time with Him to cleanse your soul from the burdens that you are carrying. Just talk to Him!

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